Updated 12:00 PM EST 1/20/2022



Amateur Radio Mutual Service Group Net

(An ARRL Registered Net) Emergency, Traffic, Weather



Maiden Launch 7/5/2021


Net On 14.317 As Of Jan. 3rd 2022


US Power Outages: https://poweroutage.us/


Join The Groups io Members Link https://groups.io/g/ARMSG-Members

Website: http://www.armsg.org

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SOLAR FLARE ALERT: Earth-orbiting satellites have just detected a M5.5 class solar flare at 20-Jan-2022 at 06:01:00 UTC. Check Spaceweather.com for updates



During Net, we collect and Log your WX Station Reports. Temps, Lo, Current, expected High, Humidity, Barometer, Sky Conditions.


56 Checkins Thursday


Thursday NCS was WQ4A in Ocala FL


Monday – Friday 1500Z-1700Z

10 AM EDT 9 AM CDT 8 AM MDT 7 AM PDT Early Checkins

This is an Open Net. All Stations with a General Class License Or Higher Class License Are Welcome!

Frequency: 14.317 / Alt. 14.277

Listed on NetLogger as ARMSG_Net

NetLogger Download





Our Message Is

Friendship Fellowship

Service To Others

Other Links

Mercy Chefs

Hurricane Watch Net

Alaska Pacific Emergency Net

WX8OH Net Manager 7/4/2021

WA5EEZ Assistant Net Manager

KL7QK Admin. Assistant